Board Members:

Susan Cancro, Advent House Ministries, (Expires 9/31/15)

Mark Criss, City Rescue Mission, (Expires 9/31/15)

Su A'Lyn Holbrook, Department of Human Services, (Expires 9/31/15)

Jenny Leaf, Loaves & Fishes, (Expires 9/31/15)

Elizabeth Rios, Legal Services of South Central Michigan, (Expires 9/31/15)

Sharon Dade, Volunteers of America, (Expires 9/31/16)

Mark Morton, Child and Family Charities, (Expires 9/31/16)

Al Platt, CMH of CEI, (Expires 9/31/16)

Patricia Wheeler, Natl Council on Alcoholism, (Expires 9/31/16)

Doris Witherspoon, City of Lansing, (Expires 9/31/16)


Executive Committee as of July 2015

Chair: Sharon Dade

Co-Chair: Susan Cancro

Treasurer: Mark Morton